“You can’t get better at things you never play.” ― Elliott Smith

Trying is what matters…at least by my interpretation. That’s what Elliott  Smith did, right? He got out there. Imperfect action, continual practices equates to the “sounds we make”.

How do you come to know what you can do, if you never try. Even if your not good, does that matter? It’s the practice the develops the play. Not all artists wake up and play or perform flawlessly…even if they do, without development and practice, someone else delivers.

We can take this quote and apply it to more than just music, to all that we do in our lives. Each one of us play our own life tunes. More often than not, people don’t even attempt to develop their’s. Whether from fear, overwhelming feelings of life, or a combination of both, humans refrain from finding their tune.

I recently spoke with an artist that went through a 12 week program to discover her inner artist. She engaged in this 12 week deal, not knowing all that would unfold, the reality of her unconscious, and how it withheld her from so many things. What she told me really made sense. She said it is true, what you can’t get better at things you never learn to play”, but why is it that you don’t learn to play them? An answer may immediately enter your mind, but unraveling layers of past experiences- cultural, and that inner voice that says you aren’t good enough (even though you may think he/she is not there), or you need to be better, may lead you closer to that answer.

In theory we know we must try things, practice things to better ourselves and grow stronger, or smarter on a subject, or better at a job, but it’s the practice end that may fall short. Your “practice” is subjective to you unconscious mind.

Play on those what you’ve read. May how you play be in silence, in thought, in action, or a combination.

I dedicate this quote from Elliott Smith to continual practice of life’s instruments.