The General Public

What the hell is the general public?

So often you hear the media, or figures of authority say the general public. Like it is some large body of humans swimming around somewhere that all think and act the same. They think things in category A are bad, and things in category B are good.

But who makes up the general public anyway? Individuals right?

But some overarching opinion of a large group of people can’t possibly represent the thoughts and opinions of everyone in the group. What a skewed perception you can create by saying that the majority believes this one thing about a subject. Like, this type of music is good music, and this type of music is bad. Casting votes does not capture the individuality of those involved, it simply draws narrow conclusions that take little into account about the individuals.

Allowing people to make narrow conclusions, and overarching statements, even though it’s not necessarily true, is deceitful and should be considered propaganda. Especially when it is used in a way to create people to act a certain way, such as saying the general public thinks guns are not safe. It’s simply political in nature to say such a thing, and should be called out for what it is.

It’s not like their method of collecting data is even that accurate. For example, after the election when they say the general public wanted a particular candidate as president, that’s not necessarily true. For one, people might choose to vote differently if there were more than two options. Similarly, many people don’t vote, so it’s not really representative of the majority anyway.

So why do people wield the thoughts and opinions of some mythical group, and say the general public believes this and that,  as though it represents the thoughts and values of mankind.

To extinguish individuality of course. 

As humans we yearn for companionship and acceptance by our fellow human beings, and totally dislike any feelings associated with not being accepted by our peers. So to say the general public thinks this about an issue or acts this way on a subject is a conniving way of trying to steer people in a direction, out of fear of being unapproved by their peers.

It’s tough to stand out against a crowd, and if they contrive that the general public (the crowd) thinks one way about something, many will feel powerless to stand against that thought.

Don’t be fooled by the general public. Stand up for what you believe.