Song Lyrics…Window To The Soul


As you may have gathered from my previous posts, that usually are based around a quote from this inspiring musician, Elliott Smith was a man with depth.  Not only did he live his life with purpose and meaning, these characteristics carried over into his music.  His lyrics no matter the song depicted emotion, and most definitely exposed his raw self.  Although he battled depression and fought his own personal struggles he left a legacy of words with meaning.  Take a second and actually digest these lyrics

“ She took the oldsmobile out past Condor Avenue/Cops running around the scene looking for some kind of clue/They never get uptight when a moth gets crushed/Unless the light bulb really loved him that much”-(Lyrics from the song “Condor Avenue”)

When I first read these lyrics I wasn’t quite sure what exactly was being said to be honest.  I had to stop and really absorb these words to understand.  That’s the beautiful thing with music however, people perceive things, thoughts, words, in their own ways.  The meaning they find shifts with an individual’s perspective.That’s what makes good music so appealing though isn’t it?  The fact that no matter the person when you listen to a song you may feel it actually speaks to you.  For me the meaning of these words came to me in a sudden realization.  What i perceived was unless you are in the spotlight or a person deemed as important you are insignificant.  That when it comes down to it you only matter if you are actually “Somebody”.  How defeating is that if we actually feel and believe that?  How true of a statement is it especially in today’s society.  The Kardashians are famous for being famous.  They don’t necessarily have any special skills, or talents let alone have accomplished anything greater than most of us. But everyone wants to know what is going on with them, when they suffer from something it is of greater importance than those who the light bulb doesn’t love.  It is not fair, it’s defeating, and it’s basically just the way it is.

   Elliott as a person saw things for what they were.  He understood that even if we didn’t want things to be a certain way they just were.  Perhaps that is why he battled depression and his inner demons.  Perhaps that is not, actually, it undoubtedly is why he was such a great musician.  He wasn’t singing and writing these songs for the fame and for that light bulb to love him.  He wrote and sang to express his feelings.  To get set his own thoughts and emotions out. To represent those crushed moths that otherwise seemed insignificant.  

Today I feel that a lot of our societies foundation is built upon the image of things and not what is really important.  What really matters.  Elliott said it best, most music is just words written to a beat that sounds good.  Songs are meant to express meaning however.  Maybe that is why I have heard so many people say that music isn’t what it used to be.  That most musicians become famous these days because of their image.  We miss the days when songs spoke to us and we felt the music instead of just hearing it.  Afterall if you don’t feel something does it really have meaning?  Just a thought….because do we really need the lightbulb to love us to actually feel or be important???