Self Lies

It’s funny what we tell ourselves about ourselves. We seem to create an ongoing narrative of who we are in our mind, and what kind of person we are. It’s as if we create an image of ourself that we are constantly trying to defend and uphold.

I’m a nice, well intended person who wants the best for everyone.

By creating these ideas of ourselves we may be blinded by how things really are. Perhaps our cheery idea of ourselves blocks out the realization that we are sometimes selfish and inconsiderate of others. Even if our actions might suggest these traits, our overarching perception of ourselves does not allow us to acknowledge them, but rather brushes them off, by telling ourselves that’s not how we meant it. But how long can we deny certain behaviors about ourselves, until it affects us and others.

Can you truly see you?

It’s not easy to see ourselves for who we truly are. In fact how you appear to others is often dependent on who you ask, and certain qualities stand out more to one person than to others. Someone might recognize your compassion, where as someone else might recognize your thoughtfulness.

Although it is not easy to do, it can be very beneficial to ask others to give you an honest opinion of yourself. This usually hard for both parties, since giving honest criticism is usually just as hard as it is to receive. But lets be real, the world needs some honesty and some heartfelt criticism. We don’t need to continue to lie to ourselves or others, it just creates resentment and bad feelings.

Lies create blowback.

Lies create chaos in our own lives, and can create chaos at a larger scales too. When we are not honest with ourselves about how we act towards others than we will be caught off guard when people are mean to us, or do not like us. If you cannot see that you are rude or inconsiderate to others it will catch you off guard when they do not like you. You will be unable to comprehend why people don’t like you and why they are rude to you. Similarly, if the United states government does not honestly acknowledge how it acts to other countries it will be caught off guard when other countries dislike us, or want to war with us.

We can run around crying victim, and assume people are just mean, but it all starts and ends with us.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, you will always live a lie.

People can sense how honest others are with themselves whether consciously or unconsciously, and if they sense that you cannot be honest with yourself, there is little chance they will feel they can be honest with you. So they will try and protect you, and help to uphold your lies, but like a house of cards, the lies will come crumbling down at some point or another.

Open yourself to your fullest potential by opening yourself to honesty. Lies are stagnant and do not allow you or others to grow, and they will tear at the part of you that wants more out of life.

Honesty is the precursor to happiness.