Whether it is music or life in general, there must be some contrast so we can appreciate the inverse of that feeling or emotion. It’s a mysterious reality of the world that you come to understand something by relating it to other things. And that things claim their identity and meaning through their relationship to other things.

You can’t know white without knowing black

Elliott states it beautifully that one cannot appreciate the happiness in his music without knowing the sadness. Amongst sadness, happiness shines and has much more meaning than if it were simply by itself and exclusively among other happiness. This is true whether in music or with people in real life.

It is the contrast that brings the upmost meaning to happiness because it stands out starkly against its sad counterpart, exposing all its distinct nooks and crannies.

The rain helps you appreciate the sun

We lose the value with too much of one thing. And it is the changing of seasons in nature and in our own lives that allows us to appreciate things as they cycle through our lives. It’s ironic because the perfect day actually does not exist, it’s only perfect based on it’s contrast to less ideal days. If you were to experience this day continuously day after day, it would be just that, another day. Without anything to relate it to, you would have nothing to compare it by, and no way to classify it is a good day.

Something is nothing, without something to compare it to…