Content Matters

I love meeting other Elliott Smith fans, or people who genuinely just enjoy his music. It’s really cool because it seems as though everyone has their own specific thing they like about Elliott. Some like him for his quiet and to-himself-style, where as others like him for his deep and meaningful lyrics.

I often ask people who I meet, that I end up talking to about Elliott, what they like most about him. Recently I asked a team member at a local vehicle wrap shop, what specifically he likes about Elliott, as our mutual interest in Elliott’s music came up during me getting services. He was such a knowledgable guy, and we talked about musicians in general for almost an hour, and said one thing that really stuck with me.

you know what I like so much about Elliott’s music, is the fact that he cares about what he writes about, and cares deeply. He is not unattached to his words like so many other musicians these days.

So I figured this quote that I am sharing today is very fitting considering my conversation this past weekend, and the great conversation I had. From my consensus this gentlemen and people in general fall in love with him because of his music, and the deep consideration he puts into every song.

Content Matters.

You wouldn’t know content matters by listening to your towns popular radio station, but content does matter, and people appreciate well thought-out lyrics. Most importantly, lyrics that have some genuine meaning to the artists, and something that they connect to. It’s not enough for artist to write about current topics that are of interest to them, they need to feel inspired to write something even it has no meaning to anyone else. An artists genuine conviction to something can create enough meaning for it to matter to anyone, no matter how originally disconnected they were to it.

They can create the effect that there listener is actually experiencing the event or feeling for themselves, similarly to how a movie can make you feel part of something. Artist will often express feelings and experiences a lot of us can relate to, and can work as way for us to cope with certain experiences in our lives. This can be healing, and way for people to relate to the world.

Connected to what we say. 

I think what fans of music miss, and what’s entirely absent from mainstream music is an artist connection to what they are saying. It seems like artist are more concerned these days with rhyming a lyric, rather than saying anything heartfelt. People are in trance of heavy beats in music, and the words have become more of a sound in the music, than actual substance.

Simple cheap words that are used to fill a void.

In the industry of music it has become more about making money than making music, and artist are thinking quantity over quality. Create another easy to sing a long with track, rather than articulating a well thought out feeling or experience.

Content Drain.

There is a serious content drain occurring in music, and in other media outlets including movies, television and even the news. As a society we are getting away from quality content, and just creating mindless and easy to consume content that lacks any substance. Media companies in every industry are just rinsing and repeating content that is profitable and entirely unoriginal. So we are left with an enormous amount of similarly spun content, that tells the same story, and lacks any originality and just exploits easy to arouse feelings and emotions in us.

Most saddening is that no one is attached to what they are saying in any of these mediums, which is reflecting at a larger scale in society. We are all singing along to music that has no meaning to us, watching movies that have no meaning to us, and so forth. It does not spark us to dig deeper when expressing our own emotions and experiences. Were almost dumbed down to express our own lives in these same meaningless and thoughtless ways.

Life is rich with feelings and emotions and our art and media should reflect that. That’s why art was created in the first place, to allow us to be expressive. Now it has become consumed by capitalism in many parts of the world, and people are looking at it for its price tag rather than it’s meaning.

Continuing upon this course will simply drain all that is great about art, and it’s true value to society. Support meaningful art and meaningful music, and demand better.

That is all for now.