Center of Attention

How does it feel to be the center of attention, and the subject of everyones focus in a given moment? Not many of us have felt this kind of spotlight, not even for a moment in our life, and especially not on a regular basis.

One can only imagine the types of feeling and emotions that arise under such attention. For the thoughts of man can often be littered with scrutiny and judgement. Sometimes quietly but, many times vocally, and loudly across many media channels.

This is why tough skin is necessary for anyone taking stage especially in our modern world, especially because people take to social media to say hurtful things. The ability for people to hide behind computer screens and say hateful things makes being in the spotlight in today’s world so tough. A short term memory is required of you, so you can see each day as a new day, and forget what has been said before.

These facts make it increasingly difficult for shy and sensitive artist to stay to take to the stage in fear of the criticism that comes with modern stardom. One can only imagine how many talented people we miss out on, because of the judgement that comes with being on stage.

Reflection of Ourselves

The world is obviously in a sad place since many of us are so critical of people putting themselves out there. People’s own personal insecurities of not being good enough shine through and wage war on anybody who seems to threaten these peoples self worth. They condemn people for simply trying and put everyone in fear of putting themselves out there. At least those who are affected by such low energies.

People who subconsciously think they cannot do something and are attached to that, don’t want it for anyone else. So they scream it cannot be done, or find faults with every attempt.

Without a society of encouragement and support we are left with a small fraction of people who actually try. Everyone else is too fearful of giving it an honest try and falling short, and thus victim to the scrutiny of others.

This doesn’t only diminish the amount of people who are trying to make it music, but also sports, politics and much more. Don’t squash people’s dreams and don’t fuel peoples fears. Don’t judge the world…just observe.