“Beats Spreading Gravel”

“Beats spreading gravel for a living” is a famous quote of the late Elliott Smith when asked his take on being a musician.  It’s refreshing actually, that this was one of his thoughts on the subject.  Why? Well for starters everything in this life comes with it’s pros and cons.  Of course being a musician definitely beats spreading gravel, because in all reality who really wants to do physical labor like that for only the result of spread gravel.  Being known for your music is awesome, however I’m sure it comes with it’s own stress factors especially being in the constant spotlight.  A friend of mine that has worked non stop over the years to build his business, take care of his family and be able to do the things he enjoys on the weekends recently just reminded me of this quote.  Jim, is an avid boat lover and has been a good friend of mine for many years. He has bought and sold his share of boats during our friendship but there is one that he will always keep and re vamps it every now and again with a new paint job.  This time around however, Jim decided to vinyl wrap his boat!  The cool thing about it is he worked with a boat wrapping company that customizes his wrap and in doing so added these words of Elliott Smith to the side of his boat.  Jim’s take is being out on the water sure beats spreading gravel, or heck doing anything else for that matter.  At first I thought he was kinda crazy and wasn’t sure what his prized boat was going to look like   However when I saw it over this past weekend it was a sight to behold!  Elliott’s quote displayed down the side of his water vessel just affirmed the quote even more.  Jim said to me that it was one of his favorite quotes and reminds him of  the hard work he put in to be able to get to this point in his life.  He said he spread a lot of gravel over the years to be able to enjoy the water, and captaining his boat. With his dues paid he now gets to enjoy the finer things in this life.  

After having this conversation with Jim, and seeing how happy he was with his new and improved toy, I decided for myself that quotes are a great form of inspiration.  Think about it.  What if everyday I looked up a new quote of Elliott Smith or some other person that I find talented and inspiring, read it and take it to heart.  If I can find even a little peace, inspiration, or even just a smile daily from something this simple it may help to change my mind frame on those days that seem especially challenging and set me forth on a more positive path.  The end goal for most if not all of us in hard work is the rewards that we receive once we are finished.  For Jim it may have taken him years to reach his end goal, but he did it with perseverance and pride and now he’s out there on the open water, spreading the ripples in the water, as he has no more gravel to spread.  That my friends is winning at life.  He has found his own inner peace and happiness by working hard, and in the end doing exactly what he loves. Cheers my friends…let’s all keep on keepin on!