Month: November 2016

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Content Matters

I love meeting other Elliott Smith fans, or people who genuinely just enjoy his music. It’s really cool because it seems as though everyone has their own specific thing they like about Elliott. Some like him for his quiet and to-himself-style, where as others like him for his deep and meaningful lyrics.

I often ask people who I meet, that I end up talking to about Elliott, what they like most about him. Recently I asked a team member at a local vehicle wrap shop, what specifically he likes about Elliott, as our mutual interest in Elliott’s music came up during me getting services. He was such a knowledgable guy, and we talked about musicians in general for almost an hour, and said one thing that really stuck with me.

you know what I like so much about Elliott’s music, is the fact that he cares about what he writes about, and cares deeply. He is not unattached to his words like so many other musicians these days.

So I figured this quote that I am sharing today is very fitting considering my conversation this past weekend, and the great conversation I had. From my consensus this gentlemen and people in general fall in love with him because of his music, and the deep consideration he puts into every song.

Content Matters.

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Self Lies

It’s funny what we tell ourselves about ourselves. We seem to create an ongoing narrative of who we are in our mind, and what kind of person we are. It’s as if we create an image of ourself that we are constantly trying to defend and uphold.

I’m a nice, well intended person who wants the best for everyone.

By creating these ideas of ourselves we may be blinded by how things really are. Perhaps our cheery idea of ourselves blocks out the realization that we are sometimes selfish and inconsiderate of others. Even if our actions might suggest these traits, our overarching perception of ourselves does not allow us to acknowledge them, but rather brushes them off, by telling ourselves that’s not how we meant it. But how long can we deny certain behaviors about ourselves, until it affects us and others.

Can you truly see you?

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