Month: September 2016

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Elliott Smith Tribute

A tribute to Elliot Smith. An artist that through his soft temperament and quite voice inspired a following of fans around the world. There was obviously a lot to Elliot that he did not share with the world, only giving glimpses of himself to others through his music. That is how some of the most well known artist have always been, a bottle with the top only half open. Enough of themselves open to express their thoughts eloquently into music, but not enough to reveal their identity in its entirety. Perhaps this is what we like about artists like Elliot Smith, their shy and mysterious qualities mask deeper aspects of themselves that they don’t care to share with the world.

This especially now is extremely refreshing for fans who have gotten nauseous from the over abundant exposure of modern musicians. From seeing the inside of their “crib” on tv to constantly getting updates about their life, and wild antics in the media.

The quiet and timid nature of artist like Elliot is endearing, cherished, and all together in our all to social world.

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